Island Urgent Care Becomes Queen's Island Urgent Care


As of January 2020, Island Urgent Care becomes Queen's Island Urgent Care, offering the same convenient hours and services with the added resourced of The Queen's Health Systems. 

Same great service. No appointment needed. Walk-ins welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this change affect me as an urgent care patient?

This will have no effect on the patient experience at all of the Queen's Island Urgent Care clinics. You will be served by the same staff, in the same way. The obvious difference will simply be by a new logo that includes the Queen's name and crest on our signage and paperwork.

Will you still take my insurance?

Absolutely! In fact, you may see the addition of other insurance plans over time. We will not be discontinuing any insurance plans. We will still take care of your No-Fault and Work-related injuries as well.

Will my co-pay or co-insurance change?

Not at all. Our billing process will remain the same and your plan will still cover the same costs.

Will your hours change? 

We are planning to increase the hours at our Pearl Kai clinic in the New Year. Stay tuned.

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