The Queen's Medical Center Reinforces that Ambulance Bay Triage Tents are For Patients Exhibiting Signs of Sickness


HONOLULU – The Queen’s Medical Center wants to reinforce that the triage tents set up in the ambulance bay of our Punchbowl hospital are only for those exhibiting signs of sickness, specifically flu-like symptoms.

From there, potential patients will be examined as appropriate and given medical care.

We also want to emphasize that we are still following COVID-19 screening guidelines which include travel to high-risk areas and exposure to known cases. If you are a healthy individual, we ask that you refrain from visiting the tents which are only for those seeking medical treatment.

If you have specific questions, you can contact us via our COVID-19 infoline at 808-691-2619. Information will be updated daily. Also, effective immediately, clinicians will be available to speak to callers 24-7.

Latest information is also posted for our internal and external communities at

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