How You Can Help

Thank you for your interest in supporting The Queen’s Medical Center with a donation to the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund.
The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most urgent public health crises in generations. Queen’s is at the forefront of this pandemic, addressing the rapidly changing crisis in our state, responding quickly, and mobilizing our emergency response teams to meet the health care needs of our community.

Specifically, we are:    

  • Expanding capacity to care for additional patients beyond our current capacity;
  • Mobilizing our expert health care providers to care for COVID-19 patients;
  • Providing trauma and other lifesaving care for non-COVID-19 health conditions; and
  • Converting to telehealth provider visits while suspending elective surgeries and procedures to reduce exposure and spread.

These measures, while incredibly necessary, are putting a tremendous strain on our health care system. But we must take these actions. Our highest priority is the safety and health of our patients, employees, students, and community.

During this challenging and unprecedented time, your partnership support is incredibly meaningful.



The following are immediate and meaningful ways you can partner with us.

Give to the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

Your gift will allow us to respond quickly as this pandemic rapidly evolves. It will provide lifesaving medical care and protect the ongoing safety of our community and healthcare workers. This includes:

  • Purchasing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for health care workers
  • Enhancing telemedicine capabilities to ensure our patients have an alternative to physically visiting the hospital, thereby averting possible exposure to the virus
  • Purchasing ventilators and new technology
  • Supporting operational costs for triage and testing efforts (i.e. tenting, staffing, etc.); and
  • Providing assistance as additional needs are identified.

If you would like to make a gift, please click on the button below. For additional questions, please contact the Fund Development Department at 808-691-4976.

Donate Now

Donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) And Supplies

Ensuring our healthcare workers are protected and have adequate supplies is a top priority. Queen’s is accepting donations of new and unused critical care supplies for our providers, including personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes:

  • Masks (N95, surgical and procedure);
  • Disposable gloves;
  • Disinfecting wipes (such as Clorox or Sani-cloth wipes);
  • Hand sanitizer;
  • Face shields;
  • Goggles and eye shields; and
  • Isolation or surgical gowns.

To donate these materials, please drop-off your donation at one of the following locations:

The Queen’s Medical Center-Punchbowl
Hospital Valet – Front Entrance

Time: 6:00am - 7:30pm 

Contact: Corey Au at 808-691-4364

The Queen’s Medical Center-West Oahu

Receiving Loading Dock - Mauka side of the hospital

Time: 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Contact: Mark Hinshaw at 808-691-3000

Queen’s North Hawaii Community Hospital
Contact: Julia Ramos at 808-885-4444

Molokai General Hospital

Administration Building
Time: Business Hours from 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Monday - Friday 

Contact: Business Hours - Jan Kalanihuia 808-553-5331

 After Hours: Emergency Room

After Hours Contact: Emergency Room Registration Clerk 808-553-5331

Please note: These locations do not require an appointment for drop off. However, if you are donating a substantial quantity of materials, please first contact our Supply Chain Department at the numbers listed above to arrange a delivery date and time. The attached form may be used when making your gift

Donate Hand-Sewn Masks

Many individuals from the community have generously offered to sew cloth masks to supplement our preparedness.

We are accepting fabric masks from our community as we prepare for COVID-19. While fabric masks are not to be used in the care of COVID-19 patients, according to the CDC, fabric masks are a crisis response option when other supplies have been exhausted. Fabric masks can also be helpful in other areas of patient care as supplies of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) are depleted.

If you would like to donate hand-sewn cloth masks, we ask that you use four pleat style or cone style. This design is specifically intended to help extend the safe use of PPE, serving as an “outer mask” while also providing alternatives for other situations that may arise in the future.

Donate Snacks for Front Line Employees

To donate food and beverages for our physicians and staff, items must be packaged and unopened. Please contact the individuals listed below, if you have any questions and/or to schedule delivery.

The Queen’s Medical Center
Contact: Suzanne Watanabe at 808-691-4998

The Queen’s Medical Center – West Oahu
Contact: Andrea Wilburn at 808 – 691-3197

Queen’s North Hawaii Community Hospital
Contact: Julia Ramos at 808-881-4420

MAHALO! We are truly humbled and grateful for the generous spirit of our communities. We will become better together.