Personalized Medicine

Queen's and Hawaii Pathologists’ Laboratory deliver next generation genetic diagnostics through Hawaii’s only personalized medicine program at a specialized clinic in the Queen's Cancer Center.

A multidisciplinary team of Board Certified Pathologists, MD Anderson Certified Physicians, Nurses, Navigators and Clinical Trial Specialists, tailor patients’ treatments to the individual's genetic blueprint. The program focuses on the biologic nature of a patient’s cancer and the various genetic testing options available to tailor treatment, including enrollment in national or local clinical trials when standard treatments are either not optimal, or have failed.

Customized treatment, coordinated by a dedicated patient navigator, ensures patients are guided through the treatment process and the Queen’s survivorship team provides continued care to help patients lead a healthy and cancer-free life.

To learn more about the Personalized Medicine Program and to tailor treatment options, call 808-201-5240.