Hawaii’s Premier Cancer Treatment Facility

At the Queen’s Cancer Center, taking care of you is our priority. Our patient-centered, multidisciplinary cancer center offers advanced technology in a comfortable place of healing to aggressively treat all types of cancer. It physically brings together every aspect of cancer diagnosis and treatment planning to the people of Hawaii, minimizing the need for patients and their caregivers to make outpatient visits to different providers, or to travel to the mainland for treatment. 

From the first moment that you become a patient, we strive to ensure that treatment for you is as convenient and stress-free as possible. Our experienced team takes care of the details, from collecting medical records to scheduling appointments to booking coordinating travel and lodging. Once here, our staff will continue to help with cancer care coordination and other needs throughout treatment. Learn more about the services we provide if you need to stay in the hospital.

Treatment Tailored to Your Needs

Your cancer treatment plan will be designed with your specific diagnosis, health and other needs in mind. Most patients experience a combination of newer advances, such as immunotherapy, and traditional treatment methods, like chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery. Queen’s cancer care expertise is further enhanced by an affiliation with one of the top cancer centers in the nation. Learn more about Queen’s affiliation with MD Anderson Cancer Network®