Am I A Candidate For Bariatric Surgery?

Do you find yourself regularly starting and stopping different diets, trying to find something that works? Have you lost weight and then gained the weight back – plus more? Our medical weight loss program and bariatric surgical options are for anyone that struggles with medically significant weight problems.

Calculate Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

General indications for weight loss surgery candidates include:

  • If your body mass index (BMI) is 40 or more

  • If your BMI is 35 or more and you have other significant negative health issues related to your weight, such as sleep apnea or diabetes

  • If your BMI is 30 and you have Type 2 diabetes

You may also be a candidate if you are more than 100 pounds over your ideal body weight or you have been unable to achieve your ideal body weight for an extended period of time.

Please note that there are specific health insurance guidelines that may determine coverage of services we offer. If you would like to confirm the eligibility of your plan, please contact us by phone at 808-691-7546 for a brief screening.

Register to Attend a Free Weight Loss Seminar

Before scheduling an appointment, register to attend a free seminar. The session provides an overview of surgical and non-surgical weight loss options offered at CWMP and includes a segment with patients who share their personal experiences.

Free seminars are held monthly in Honolulu, West Oahu, Waimanalo, Kona, Hilo and in Molokai via teleconference. Physician referral not required for attendance.

Interested individuals can call 808-691-7546 or register online.