Finding Purpose During the Pandemic: Make Your Time Matter

05/07/2020 Share Tweet

Expand your capabilities — emotional, physical and intellectual — so you are even more the person you want to be at the end of this unique time.


Build Emotional Strength

  • Think through your personal priorities. Create daily rituals for each.

  • Take your meals with family and friends — if you live together, eat together. If you don’t, teleconference over breakfast, lunch or dinner to keep each other encouraged. 

  • Write letters or make holiday and birthday cards ahead of time for the people you love. Save them to send throughout the year.

  • Make plans to change circumstances you’ve always wanted to address in your life. Read and research what experts teach about behaviors and situations you struggle with. Get support from family and friends as you implement plans for a healthier future.

  • Volunteer your time. Lifting someone else’s spirits often lifts your own, and many people are in need of care. Volunteer to make care calls, run errands or deliver care kits for others. 


Build Physical Strength

  • Telehealth with your doctor for suggestions to improve circulation and your overall condition.

  • Stretch everyday. Move your body to promote circulation.

  • Try at-home exercise routines. A few properly done movements can dramatically increase strength. As your stamina builds, you can add more activities. 

  • If you’re able to, walk or bike around your neighborhood.

  • Eat the way you’ve always wanted to for better health. Build meal plans, research recipes and freeze extra so you can maintain your program in the future.


Build Intellectual Strength

  • Learn a new skill. Tutorials are readily available online.

  • Start a self-study. Seek online instructionals, seminars, books or the syllabus of a program you’ve been considering, and build your own curriculum. Or give yourself a head-start on a program you plan to enroll in.

  • Update your resume. If you’ve been thinking about starting a new job, begin research on the companies, positions and skills that’ll assist your search. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, begin drafting your business plan and checklists of applications and permits you’ll need to get underway.

  • Read. Apps and websites offer thousands of free books you can read online. Or join the public library to take advantage of their eBook catalogue.


When life returns to a more familiar pace — and it will — you’ll appreciate your accomplishments. The best investments are the ones you make in yourself. 

The Queen’s Cares Blog was created to support our patients through the nonclinical effects of COVID-19. We recognize people are struggling with circumstances outside of their health; they don’t have to deal with them alone. With preeminent teaching hospitals as part of our family, we believe in the value of education, and we’re sharing what we know to empower our community for better physical, mental and emotional health. We’re with you, HawaiĘ»i.