Healthcare that Comes to You: Telehealth Solutions

04/22/2020 Share Tweet

Queens is partnering in a statewide commitment to help Hawaiʻi residents manage their health from home.

With the introduction of Telehealth, you can now meet online with your healthcare provider to get the care you need while social distancing.

The State of Hawaiʻi includes in their list of health-related services for telehealth the following:

  • Basic medical care

  • Psychological appointments

  • Dermatology

  • Post-surgical follow-ups 

  • Consultations for underlying conditions and chronic diseases such as diabetes 

Ask your doctor if telehealth may be an option for you. Some medical needs will still require a visit to your physician or healthcare provider, but telehealth enables our patients to receive advice, reminders, education and monitoring, to name a few, from the comfort of their own homes.

Most importantly, it provides you continuity of care during these unusual circumstances.

We’re pleased to offer you a safe solution for ongoing care while we continue as a community to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Your health comes first.


The Queen’s Cares Blog was created to support our patients through the nonclinical effects of COVID-19. We recognize people are struggling with circumstances outside of their health; they don’t have to deal with them alone. With preeminent teaching hospitals as part of our family, we believe in the value of education, and we’re sharing what we know to empower our community for better physical, mental and emotional health. We’re with you, Hawaiʻi.