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Lung Cancer Screening Program

Lung Cancer Screening Program

Who We Are

In the state of Hawaii, there are approximately 830 new cases of lung cancer diagnosed in 2018, second highest behind breast cancer. About 55.5% of lung cancer cases are not found until treatment options are limited and as a result, 5-year survival is extremely low, about 6%. Our program focuses on early lung cancer detection and diagnosis. Lung cancer screening low dose chest CT scans help increase early detection for lung cancer.
Our multidisciplinary team of specialists includes interventional pulmonologist, thoracic radiologist, thoracic surgeon, interventional radiologist, radiation oncologist, and medical oncologist. Our team of experts identifies high risk lung nodules, i.e. Lung RADS 3, 4, 4b, 4x, on Lung Cancer Screening chest CT scans and helps ensure that high risk patients have proper and timely follow up care.
We contact the primary care providers whose patients had high risk lung nodules identified on lung cancer screening scans. If the primary care providers and patients are interested in enrolling in the program, we can help arrange optimal care and ensure patients receive appropriate and timely follow up.
If necessary, our lung specialist is available to rapidly see patient in our pulmonary clinic and arrange expedited follow-up care depending on the patient’s preference. We maintain close communication with our patients and providers, keep them updated regularly.

Our Team

  • Physicians:
    • Director, Dr. Brad Tokeshi
    • Dr. Randy Lau
    • Dr. Ayman Abdul-Ghani
    • Dr. Anthony Herrera 
    • Dr. Anthony Michaud
    • Dr. David Saito
  • Coordinators:
    • Kaori Arnone, APRN
    • Lorin Birmingham, RN

Conditions We Manage 

Services Offered

Appointments and Referrals