Kohala Home Health Care

Kohala Home Health Care provides quality care for homebound patients by offering services designed to meet the emotional and physical needs of both patient and family. Our service area includes North Hilo, Hamakua, North and South Kohala, and North Kona.

From the moment we are contacted by a patient’s physician, we begin coordinating a complete home health care program. Our team from Kohala Home Health Care works closely with the hospital, physician, patient, family and insurance company to create a comprehensive plan of care. We offer a network of services designed to meet the overall care needs of both patient and family.

Our Care Team

The Kohala Home Health Care team is made up of registered nurses, certified home health aides, licensed Medical Social Workers, and licensed occupational, physical and speech therapists to provide rehabilitation programs for home independence.

Benefits of Home Health Care

At-home health care can greatly benefit patients and their families by eliminating the anxiety and costs of prolonged hospitalization.  Being able to maintain your health in the comfort of your personal home setting can bring peace of mind and allow for the ability to focus on daily healthy living and overall well being.  The Kohala Home Health Care Program helps patients to:

  • Coordinate health care resources
  • Improve quality of life
  • Keep medical costs down
  • Maintain coverage of care, 24 hours a day, if necessary
  • Maintain scheduled visits
  • Manage healthy living
  • Provide at-home care which is covered by most insurance


Some services we provide are eligible for reimbursement through government agencies, such as Medicare or Medicaid, or through private insurance companies.  For more information, please contact our Patient Financial Services Department.