Dual Diagnosis Program

The Dual Diagnosis Program at The Queen’s Medical Center offers outpatient treatment three days per week for co-existing psychiatric and substance abuse problems. The program provides individual and group counseling to engage patients in treatment, as well as skill-building groups, focused on mental health management, relapse prevention, cognitive restructuring, occupational therapy and work readiness.

Patients can maintain activities of daily living, but are provided with additional support to maintain sobriety and manage co-occurring mental health symptoms. Patients are divided into two tracks according to their risk of relapse and severity of their symptoms with the ultimate goals of long-term sobriety, improved positive social behavior and symptom stabilization.

Participants are required to attend weekly 12-step meetings with signature verification and submit random supervised urine drug screens. Lunch can be purchased for a minimal fee through the duration of the program.


“I think treatment is very useful and effective to those that are willing to change, and wanting to change their lifestyle from negative to positive. I’ve gotten a lot out of treatment here; it’s made me realize how much better life is without drugs and alcohol. It made me become a better man emotionally and physically; made me a better father to my child; and helped me to learn how to enjoy life.”

- Client from Intensive Outpatient Program