14-day ECG Monitors

The 14-day ECG monitor is used to detect abnormal heart beats that may occur infrequently. Like the Holter monitor, it records how your heart is working over a two-week period. You wear this portable monitor during your normal daily activities, including during exercise, sleeping and bathing.

The results of this test can also be used to help your doctor determine how well your heart medicines are working.

Preparing for Your Test

  • Transportation: No special preparations are required for this test
  • Food and Drink: No special preparations are required for this test
  • Medications: No special preparations are required for this test
  • Clothing: Wear loose clothing (shirt or blouse) to your appointment when monitor is placed and while you wear the device
  • Check-in Time: Please arrive on time for your appointment

What to Expect During the Test

The 14-day ECG monitor is a small patch, about 2 inches x 5 inches in size. The patch adheres to the surface of your chest, much like the electrode pads used in a traditional EKG. There are no wires to worry about and you can continue all your normal daily activities while wearing this monitor.

You will not be able to shower or bathe for the first 24 hours after the monitor is applied to your skin.

After the Test

After wearing the monitor for the time frame specified by your physician, you will return the monitor by mail to the manufacturer for analysis. Your information will be downloaded from your monitor and sent electronically to our Queen’s Heart cardiologists for review.

Results of your test will be shared with your physician. Information on how to return the monitor will be provided during your appointment.