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Pulama I Ka Ohana means “we cherish the family.” At The Queen’s Medical Center, Maternity Services provides family-centered care with a personal touch. Our team strives to create a positive experience for each expectant mother, and we encourage her entire ohana (family) to be part of this exciting occasion.

Labor and Delivery

As a patient, you will labor, deliver and spend your initial recovery period in one of our private birthing suites, complete with private bathroom. The room is equipped with all the necessary equipment, including a special bed for labor and delivery, to ensure a safe delivery while maintaining a home-like environment. Laboring aids, such as a rocking chair, labor ball and squatting bar are available.

Queen’s has an OB anesthesiologist on the unit, available 24 hours a day for the laboring mother’s pain management needs.

After delivery, you will have time to bond with your baby in your labor and delivery suite. This is the perfect time for you to begin to get to know your baby and also to breastfeed if you so choose. Partners, grandparents and siblings are welcome in the delivery room. If young children will be present during labor and delivery, we suggest you prepare them for what they may see and hear.

Couple Care Within the Postpartum Unit

After recovery, you will be transferred to one of our private, spacious postpartum suites. Each room has a chair bed for one adult overnight support person, along with bedding and pillows. Children are not allowed to sleep overnight in the hospital.

Once you are settled, your baby will be taken to the Nursery for the admission process. Your partner or support person can go to the Nursery with your baby during this time. Baby will be assessed, bathed and will return to your room for couple care.

24-hour Rooming In

To promote positive bonding, successful breastfeeding and to prepare you for caring for your baby at home, we recommend that you keep your baby with you during your stay. Our skilled nursing staff will help you care for your baby, answer your questions and assist you in becoming comfortable with the care of your newborn.

Checking Out

Hospital discharge is at 11:00 am, daily. For vaginal deliveries, the usual length of stay is two nights; for cesarean section deliveries, length of stay is typically three nights. Please check with your insurance provider for your specific hospital stay coverage.


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