Education & Outreach

As a part of its mission to educate and improve the health care of the people of Hawaii, the Queen’s Neuroscience Institute is active in continuing to educate physicians, nurses and the community through a variety of clinical and community outreach efforts, and partnerships with local non-profit organizations.

Some of our educational programs include:

  • Physician Continuing Education Program
  • Nursing Continuing Education Program
  • Resident and Medical Student Education Program

Some of our outreach efforts include:

  • Think First: We have reestablished a Hawaii chapter of this American Association of Neurological Surgeons-sponsored program. In collaboration with The Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific and various Hawaii state agencies, this program is targeted at teaching school-age children about water, helmet and seat-belt safety.
  • Partnership with the American Heart Association (AHA) and American Stroke Association (ASA): We work closely with these organizations to promote awareness of stroke and its risk factors, and to provide health screenings and educational materials at community health fairs.
  • Work with the Epilepsy Foundation: Our team participates in a variety of public events, such as Sharon's Ride for Epilepsy, in partnership with the Epilepsy Foundation. This relationship also supports the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center's efforts to improve the care and support for Hawaii's epilepsy population.
  • Speaking of Health: A free, Queen's-sponsored community health lecture series that focuses on raising awareness on health-related issues of concern. We have lectured on health topics such as stroke, epilepsy and movement disorders.
  • Participation at community and neighbor island health fairs through speaking at lectures, and providing Stroke Risk Assessments and Blood Pressure Screenings.
  • High school and grade school outreach.