Donna: A Spiritual and Divine Transformation

Medium: Acrylic
A message of hope when all feels so very ugly and hopeless.

About the artist
Donna joined the Healing Through Art program after being diagnosed with cancer. Her early attempts to uplift her spirit through painting, initially produced images that reflected the ugliness that she felt inside. Though she struggled at first, like many program participants, Donna discovered the creative process to be soothing and meditative.

According to Donna, "When trying and failing to create optimism in my art, a question was presented to me, 'What other thoughts of places or things brought me joy and healing?' Growing up in Hawaii, the obvious answer was the water." By recognizing the beauty that is present beneath the surface, Donna was able to transform her painting, and her spirit, into one of hope. 

Donna found friendship, hope, and a budding art talent in the Healing Through Art program at Queen’s.