Sharon: Sanctuary Shores

Medium: Watercolor
Life is so precious, appreciate what you have! Love life and carpe diem.

About the artist 
Sharon grew up in an environment where art was discouraged. After turning 15, Sharon has no recollection of doing any artwork again. When she retired from a career as a software engineer and moved to Honolulu, she contemplated taking painting lessons, but decided to take hula instead.

Then in early 2013, Sharon was diagnosed with breast cancer. She became anxious, desperate, and found the decision-making process about health care options and the treatments to be tortuous. It was during this time when she discovered the Healing Through Art program at Queen’s. She saw the program as an opportunity to finally take art classes, and was able to explore a variety of art subjects including jewelry design, watercolor, acrylic and collage. Sharon continues to uncover and explore her creative talent, while also experiencing the healing power of art.