Sophie: Viewing the Golden Pavilion

Medium: Acrylic and collage mixed media
I woke up excited one morning, inspired with a crystal clear image of the artwork on this card. I am so thankful to God for strength and peace to overcome adversity, for His inspiration to create art, and for my husband's love and support.

About the artist
When Sophie was growing up, it was her mother who was the artist in the family, expressing herself as both a singer and a sculptor. Though Sophie also had an interest in art, she was a rebellious teenager and refused to participate in the same things as her mother. 

In her mid-30s, Sophie's attitude changed when she received Christ. She found that her negative emotions were replaced by a sense of abiding peace. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have bilateral mastectomies and reconstructive surgeries, she turned to God for comfort and to help restore her sense of humor.

Sophie had not painted much since high school, but she jumped at the chance to take art lessons through the Healing Through Art program. She found the classes exciting, fun and healing for the mind and soul. Now that she shares her mother's passion for art, Sophie has found that life has come full circle.