Drive-By Influenza Vaccine Procedure

Policy: Influenza Vaccine Drive-By is only available for patients who have insurance. Not valid for Kaiser patients or children under age 9. Patients who do not have insurance will need to walk-in to the clinic for payment processing and are not eligible for drive-by.

If you are age 65 or older, please check call 735-0007 for availability of the high dose flu vaccination. We do not have the high dose available at the drive by tent. 

We cannot accept VA/WPS or Tricare insurance, or Quest patients who participate in the VFC program for our flu vaccinations.

Review Links to Patient Privacy, Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Privacy
Patient Rights
Patient Responsibilities

Review the Inactivated Influenza Vaccine Information Statement (VIS)

Fill out Patient Registration Form

  • Fill the PDF form out online so it is complete and legible. Not handwritten!
  • Print and Sign: Signature and Date on the bottom of the page required

Fill out Flu Shot Consent Form

  • Top portion must be filled out completely (not handwritten).
  • All three questions must be answered
  • Print, Sign and Date
  • Bring the completed and signed forms to the desired location according to the following schedule:
    • Flu Shot Drive-By is open 9:00AM-6:00PM. Schedule for drive by flu clinic is as follows:
Oct. 18th
Oct. 28th
Nov. 7th
Hawaii Kai Ewa Beach Kahala
  • A tent will be set out in a designated area for the Drive-By
  • Please arrive next to the tent, turn off the vehicle and stay in the car during the drive-by process.
  • Medical Assistant (MA) will come to your vehicle and ask for the flu registration paperwork.
    • We will verify your ID and review the forms for completeness.
  • Once you receive the flu shot, you will be given Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) and you may leave at your convenience.