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Telehealth Visits at Queen’s FAQs

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Telehealth FAQs

Not all appointments are appropriate for a telehealth visit. Ask your healthcare provider if a telehealth visit is appropriate for your next appointment

Most telehealth services are covered at least partially by your insurance. Your health care team can give you more information on what reimbursement options are available to you. 

If your connection drops, go back to MyChart, click “Appointments,” and click the “Begin Video Visit” button again.

Yes, but please speak with your care team prior to your appointment about having another person join you for your video visit, as this person will hear your personal medical information. You can ask your provider ahead of time by messaging them in MyChart, or discussing it once your video visit begins. 

A button marked “Begin Video Visit” will become available in MyChart 30 minutes before the start time. We recommend logging into the visit via your Queen’s MyChart account about 15 to 30 minutes before your appointment, unless your care team informs you otherwise.

If you require interpretive services, please notify your care team and they will arrange for an interpreter to join you for your video visit 

If you are having technical issues joining your video visit from a phone, tablet or computer, please call 1-800-368-8902 for support

If you are having issues getting access to your MyChart account, please call the MyChart Hotline at 1-808-691-5000

If you wish for another member of your family to join the video visit, please notify your care team and they will send a friend or family member a text invite to join the virtual care room during your visit

Please reach out to your care team