A hospitalist’s sole focus is on hospitalized patients at The Queen’s Medical Center. These physicians on staff are readily available to:

  • Address medical emergencies that may occur during your stay
  • Answer questions and communicate readily with you and your family
  • Prescribe and/or adjust medications
  • Order tests
  • Consult with specialists or other health care providers regarding your condition

While you are admitted, your hospitalist will check in with you daily and establish a plan of care. It is important for you to ask questions or voice concerns about your health care. If you need to speak with the hospitalist on duty, simply ask a nurse or call the hospital operator. At night, a hospitalist is on-call within the hospital to respond to any urgent issues.

During your stay, your hospitalist is partnered with a case manager and they work together to ensure that your plan of care and discharge from the hospital runs smoothly. Before returning home, your case manager can help to schedule a follow-up appointment with your PCP. This should ease your transition back to your home lifestyle and improve the continuity of care after you leave Queen’s.


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