Kidney Donor Exchange Program

Hawaii’s Most Advanced Kidney Donor Exchange Program

Kidney paired donation (KPD), or paired exchange, is an option in which a living donor and recipient are not compatible with each other. KPD occurs when a donor exchanges their kidney with the living donor from another incompatible donor/recipient pair to create two compatible pairs. Exchanging with another incompatible pair can allow for two compatible transplants.

It can take anywhere from 1 month to 2 years to find an exchange pair. This depends on the donor/recipient antibody levels, blood type, and number of people in the trade pool database.

How the Kidney Paired Donation Program Works

The Queen’s Transplant Center is participating with the National Kidney Registry. The National Kidney Registry allows a computerized matching system to identify compatible recipient/donor pairs across the nation from multiple transplant centers. This greatly increases the potential donor trade pool which increases the chances that a compatible kidney transplant can occur.

If you do not have a living donor, we encourage you to reach out to family members and friends. Through kidney paired exchange, anyone can be a potential donor for you, even if they are not a blood type match.

If you are interested in learning more about the National Kidney Registry, please call the living donor coordinator at the Queen’s Transplant Center at 808-691-1179