Living Kidney Donor Program

There are three types of kidney donors:

  • Living Blood Relative – may be a parent, sibling, or other person related to the recipient
  • Living, Unrelated Donor – Can be a friend, or could also be a living donor who donates to an anonymous candidate on the national waiting list
  • Deceased Donor – Organs from this type of donor mean the recipient is on the national transplant list

Patients who receive a kidney from a living donor have a much shorter waiting period before receiving their transplant, and generally have the best outcomes.

In Hawaii, more than 400 people are waiting for a transplant. However, only a small percentage of candidates will receive a kidney due to the shortage of donors. Patients in Hawaii wait on dialysis for an average of 5 years. Living donors can make a difference and allow a friend or relative to get off of dialysis.

Becoming a Living Organ Donor

Becoming a living donor is a rewarding experience with life-long benefits. To get started, call 808-691-1179 or fill out the Living Donor Intake Sheet and fax or mail the form directly to the Queen’s Transplant Center.

Organ Donation Stories

"Chances to make a real difference in someone else’s life, to ease some suffering, don't come by often…This was an opportunity that I couldn’t let pass. I’m very grateful.”

~Kat Koshi, Kidney donor to her colleague/dance instructor.


“My dad and I celebrated an anniversary the other night…since “our” transplant – one of my kidneys became his – and life is good. The truth is I’ve never been healthier and Dad, though he has slowed down somewhat because of non-transplant related issues, is happy and active. If you have a similar opportunity to give someone a second chance at life, educate yourself to learn if it’s right for you. And if you do go ahead with a living donation I can guarantee one thing: You will never regret it. It will be a bond you both cherish for the rest of your lives.”

~Jade Moon, Kidney donor to her father.