Substance Cessation

Substance Cessation for Transplant Patients (Alcohol, Drugs, or Tobacco)

Queen’s Transplant Center does not support the use of tobacco/nicotine, illegal drugs, or narcotics not prescribed by a physician in transplant candidates. In addition to compromising your health and graft function, indulging in these substances may lead to complications. Tobacco/nicotine use includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, kreteks, electronic cigarettes, vape, nicotine patches, and any other smokeless tobacco (chew, dip, snuff, nicotine gum, betel nut).

If you are being evaluated for Liver Transplant, you must also abstain from alcohol now and after transplant, as this can severely damage your organ and your health.

Illegal drugs include any and all forms of the following substances: marijuana, synthetic marijuana, cocaine, heroin and opiates, “ice” or crystal meth, or any other substances not prescribed by your physician. Candidates who are authorized to engage in medical use marijuana in Hawaii must be able to show a valid current certification from their certifying Physician/APRN. Note that even if you have a medical marijuana certificate, your insurance company may not cover you for transplant.

If you are using any substances, you may be declined for transplant or referred for substance abuse counseling and/or a formal rehabilitation program. Queen’s Transplant Center is committed to providing resources to potential patients needing help in quitting substances. Those patients may contact the following resources or a transplant social worker for more information at 808-691-8897.

SIGH Smoking Intervention Guided Healing

Call the Queen’s SIGH Program for tobacco cessation to talk to a Quit Coach.

Hawaii Tobacco Quit Line

1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669)
Talk to a Quit Coach to create a plan that will work for you.

Narcotics Anonymous

Find a safe, confidential meeting to share with and learn from others.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Find a safe, confidential meeting to share with and learn from others.