Support Groups

Support Groups for Transplant Patients

A support group can help you cope with physical, economic, psychological, and social challenges that are part of your illness both before and after your transplant surgery.

During a support group, you can talk to others familiar with your situation, learn about the process of transplant, and learn how to cope with your illness. Participants commit to confidentiality, so members can freely talk about their experiences in a safe environment.

Why should I attend a transplant support group?

  • Meet other transplant recipients and candidates
  • Ask questions
  • Gain knowledge
  • Make friendships
  • Realize you are not alone in this journey
  • Help someone else by sharing your experience

What can I gain out of the transplant support groups at The Queen’s Medical Center?

  • Learn about transplant, health, medications, and taking care of your illness
  • Talk story with other people who are pre- or post-transplant
  • Learn how to cope with changes in your life
  • Make new friendships with people who can support you
  • Learn how to navigate the process of transplant

Who can attend the support groups?

  • People who are on the transplant waitlist at The Queen’s Medical Center
  • People who have received a transplant
  • Family members, friends and caregivers

Where can I find this group?

  • Queen’s Transplant Center Conference Room in Physicians Office Building 3  (POB 3) on the 4th floor
  • Third Thursdays and third Fridays of the month from 10:00 - 11:00 am

Please contact a transplant social worker if you are interested in attending one of our support groups.