Community Benefit

Caring for Community is our Kuleana (Responsibility) and our Privilege

Community Health Needs Assessment

The Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) gives us a unique opportunity to match our services to the needs of the community and to assure that our support goes to where it will be most effective. The CHNA was conducted in Fiscal year 2016 in partnership with Health Care Association of Hawai‘i members to identify statewide health needs. The extensive approach included interviews and data gathering about social, economic and physical environments, health risks, community needs, disparities, and vulnerable populations. The process is thorough and sensitive, where we listen and respond as though it were a conversation between family members. Queen’s has been a part of the community for more than 150 years and we shoulder that responsibility with sincerity and aloha.

Diabetes is the priority health need of this community, including diabetes prevention and management.  We recognize that making an impact on a significant health need such as diabetes takes more than just offering health services. Strong partnerships with others in the community are essential to success and Queen’s is committed to growing, strengthening and encouraging new ties to help make a difference in the health of our community.

Download: Community Health Needs Assessment

Download: Community Health Needs Assessment Appendix