Community Outreach

The Queen’s Medical Center – West Oahu takes pride in partnering with the community. We are excited to partner with students, businesses, residents and leaders to help build a healthy future for all who live here. Team members partner with community groups to provide health initiatives, education, health screenings and resources. Our Community Garden, dedicated to Prince Albert, was planted in cooperation with the University of Hawaii West Oahu and another neighbor, Mao Farms of Waianae.

Other community outreach events include:

  • Blood drive (every two weeks)
  • Speaking of Health free community lectures (monthly)
  • Fresh Market farmers' market (monthly)
  • In-school events such as career day and specific health education opportunities
  • Senior fairs
  • Emergency/disaster preparedness fairs
  • Helmet/Bike safety
  • Legacy checkpoint sponsorships with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and  Honolulu Police Department
  • Annual colon cancer awareness fairs

Learn more about Queen’s West Oahu’s community events in the Classes and Events section.