A hospitalist’s focus is on patients admitted to The Queen’s Medical Center - West Oahu. These physicians are able to:

  • Address your medical needs and advance your care while in the hospital  
  • Be present to respond to any medical emergencies that may occur during your stay
  • Answer questions and communicate consistently with you and your family
  • Prescribe and/or adjust medications
  • Order tests
  • Consult with specialists or other health care providers regarding your condition

Your hospitalist will check in with you daily and work closely with you to care for you during your hospitalization. It is important to ask questions or voice concerns about your health care. If you need to speak with your hospitalist, simply ask a nurse or call the hospital operator. At night, a hospitalist is on-call within the hospital to respond to any urgent issues.

Because our hospitalists keep a close eye on your care, combined with the vast range of services provided at The Queen's Medical Center - West Oahu, you will get back home sooner. When it is determined that you are ready to be discharged, your primary care physician will be updated on your progress and discharge plan. Before returning home, our case managers and social workers can help to schedule a follow-up appointment with your primary care physician and assist with other needs.

During your stay, your hospitalist is partnered with a case manager and they collaborate to ensure that your plan of care and discharge from the hospital runs smoothly. This eases your transition back to your daily home lifestyle and improves your continuity of care after you leave Queen’s.


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