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Native Hawaiian Health

E ola ka ‘ōiwi

(Healthy and well are the Hawaiians)

Optimal health balance means
Personal balance of mind, body, spirit
Connection to resources, people, places, and cultural identity

Established in Fiscal Year 2007, the Native Hawaiian Health Department has a vision to enhance the ola pono (health, well-being) of Native Hawaiians by elevating their overall health status to a level comparable with that of other ethnic groups in Hawai‘i. In support of this vision, The Queen’s Health System made a long-term commitment to provide in perpetuity quality health care services by aligning its strengths with the priority health needs of Native Hawaiians.

Kahua Ola is the Native Hawaiian Health strategic plan (2019) that outlines priorities to achieve the vision, E ola ka ‘ōiwi (Healthy and well are the Hawaiians).

Three Goals of the
Native Hawaiian Health Department

GOAL 1 Health Care Accessibility: Build trust and accessibility for Hawaiians in targeted communities

GOAL 2 Community Services Support Network: Connect patients to resources in the community to address health-related social needs

GOAL 3 Training and Education: Promote and support training and education of culturally responsive approaches to care delivery

Download: Kahua Ola Native Hawaiian Strategic Plan

Download: Native Hawaiian Health Program Report 2007 – 2015