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We believe in providing students with valuable opportunities to gain health care exposure and experience. The future of quality health care in Hawaii depends on a robust workforce.  

Shadowing Program

Shadowing opportunities are available at The Queen’s Medical Center for those interested in a career in health care, or for health care professionals seeking to advance their knowledge. A thorough application process is required. Learn more about our Shadowing Program Policy. Please allow a minimum of six weeks for processing Shadowing requests. 

Summer Student Program

The Queen’s Health System provides summer internship opportunities for students. Learn more about the Summer Research Internship.


Student volunteers play a valuable role at both the Punchbowl and West Oahu campuses. A thorough application process is required. Learn about volunteer opportunities for students.

Graduate Degree Programs

As a teaching hospital, The Queen’s Medical Center offers a range of post-graduate programs and certifications including: