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Transfer a Patient

Transfer a Patient

The Queen’s Transfer Center provides one call access for safely transferring acute patients to The Queen’s Medical Center, Hawaii’s major tertiary and quaternary referral center. 

Contact the Queen’s Transfer Center:

Phone               1-808-691-5112

Toll Free           1-877-762-0762

Fax                   1-808-691-5005

The Queen’s Medical Center services include:

  • Level I Trauma Center
  • Comprehensive Stroke Center
  • Cardiac Specialty Center
  • Solid Organ Transplant
  • Advanced Certification for Total Joint Replacement

The Queen’s Transfer Center assists by:

  • Establishing a designated point of contact for referring physicians
  • Exploring the benefits of bringing a patient to Queen’s
  • Triaging patient transfer requests using a multidisciplinary approach
  • Obtaining and sharing clinical information
  • Offering medical transport coordination
  • Compliance with access to health care laws

Our team includes Transfer Nurse Coordinators who are registered nurses with expertise in emergency/critical care, case management and federal, state and county health care regulations. A Transfer Center Medical Director is on call 24/7 to review all transfer requests.

Steps for Transferring Your Patients

  1. A Transfer Nurse Coordinator will locate the appropriate specialty physician on call and facilitate a recorded conference call between the referring and Queen’s doctors, as well as participate in the call to assist in timely evaluation and coordination of the transfer.
  2. The referring physician and facility will be notified of Queen’s acceptance or denial determination.
  3. The following information is required to expedite transfer process:
  • Referring hospital name and phone number
  • Referring physician name and contact number
  • Patient name, age, and diagnosis
  • Level of Care
  • Admission area requirements/requests (ED vs. Direct)
  • Pertinent clinical information
  • Specialty care or service requested
  • Insurance, eligibility, and transfer authorization for transfer (waived for all patients that meet EMTALA criteria)
  • Reports, labs, EKG and imaging
  1. Once the patient has been approved for acceptance, the Transfer Nurse Coordinator will secure an appropriate inpatient hospital bed or ED placement.
  2. The referring facility will be notified of the accepting physician, placement assignment (ED vs IP) and direct phone numbers for RN to RN report.
  3. Transportation can be arranged by the referring facility or the Transfer Nurse Coordinator. Mode of transportation is determined by the sending physician.
  4. The Transfer Nurse Coordinator will follow up with the referring hospital, transporting service, and receiving department at Queen’s to facilitate the timely and safe transport of the patient.
  5. The Transfer Center can also facilitate transfers to The Queen’s Medical Center – West Oahu and North Hawaii Community Hospital.