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Social Work at The Queen’s Medical Center

The Queen’s Medical Center

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Clinic Hours:
Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Emergency Department social worker is on-call 24/7

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The Social Work department at The Queen’s Medical Center assists with complex discharge planning needs and counseling services to help with critical decision making and adjustment to illness. Our licensed social workers are trained to help you through the course of your medical journey.

Our Team

Each social worker at The Queen’s Medical Center holds a Master’s Degree and adheres to the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics. Staff are credentialed as Licensed Social Workers or Licensed Clinical Social Workers and are experts in areas such as crisis intervention, community resources, emotional distress, family support, pain and palliative care, and trauma. We believe advocating for the needs of our patients and their families generates stronger communities.

About Us

The Queen’s Medical Center’s Social Work department supports patients and their loved ones with the transition of care from the hospital to the next setting.  Social workers can assist with emotional distress related to hospitalization as well as coping and adjustment issues after discharge from the hospital. Our dedicated staff works with patients, their families loved ones and the health care team to coordinate and facilitate a care throughout the hospital stay until discharge.

Master of Social Work (MSW) Graduate Training Program

The Queen’s Social Work Department provides training and supervision for the University of Hawaii School of Social Work Master’s degree candidates who are enrolled in the MSW Graduate Practicum Program. Students are offered training and supervision under the direction of a social work instructor at The Queen’s Medical Center for one year. An average of 6 students are selected annually for the program. For more information on this program, please contact us.

Our Services

The Queen’s Medical Center’s Social Work team provides a range of services to help patients and families identify psychological issues related to hospitalization, as well as coping and adjustment issues after discharge from the hospital.

We work with patients, their families and the health care team to coordinate and facilitate treatment throughout the hospital stay until discharge.

Our services include: 

Continuity of Care Planning

Social Workers help patients, families, and their loved ones navigate the discharge planning process as well as provide emotional support.  Our caring staff can assist in the adjustment to hospital admission, assess the possible role changes within a family and help explore the emotional and/or social responses to an illness diagnosis and the treatment plan. We also educate patients on Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) and advance health care directives. Our goal is to empower patients and families to communicate with one another and members of their health care team to facilitate constructive decision making for overall wellness.

Discharge Coordination and Community Resources

The Social Work department coordinates discharge planning for patients, families, and their loved ones. Social workers can facilitate arrangements for nursing home or care home placement, facility transfers, outpatient home care, and community resources.

When a patient’s level of care has been lowered to less than acute, our care coordination team works with your team of physicians and nurses to help best support you and your family when it comes time to transition out of the hospital.  Home will always be the primary option to consider when looking at discharge.  Your team will assess your medical and psychosocial needs and plan for supports to address your individualized needs.  If home isn’t possible, we do have a first accepting policy.  This policy means that you will transition to the first facility that accepts you for further care and treatment.  This is necessary to preserve the acute care services of the hospital for other patients needing treatment.

Psychosocial Assessment

Upon being admitted, our Social Workers provide an initial screening and evaluation of high-risk patients and their families or loved ones. Patients will undergo a comprehensive psychosocial assessment, including assessing needs, emotional health, and psychosocial stressor, and existing supports. Social workers can administer brief interventions and counseling for newly diagnosed patients and their families or loved ones such as crisis intervention, Acute Stress Reaction, end of life, substance abuse, and adjustment to illness.

Specialty Service Areas

Our Social Workers have Master’s degree certified and licensed to practice in the state of Hawaii. The entire Social Work department staff collaborates to recommend the appropriate treatment intervention during the patient’s hospitalization. Specialty teams are available to provide services to patients and their families including: