Updated March 30, 2020

UPDATED VISITOR POLICY (effective March 31):

Updated March 23, 2020


*Only 1 visitor per patient.  Exceptions do apply.

Updated March 15, 2020

Molokai General Hospital has been working hard to keep on top of the ever-changing advisories and protocol related to the Covid-19 virus.  We want to assure you that we are able to provide testing to those needing testing and care to those who need care.  We have adequate supplies and medicines to handle patients presenting to our clinic or emergency department.

We have been preparing to continue offering excellent health care to our community. There have been many rumors circulating. Here are the facts:

·      There are currently no known cases of Covid-19 on Molokai.

·      The hospital has not been on lock-down

·      No one was being held in isolation

·      We have a yellow emergency tent and it may be used to offer additional screening areas if needed. We opened it Thursday to make sure it was ready and it is in excellent condition.

To keep any potential virus out of our hospital, beginning March 14, 2020 we will be asking anyone with cough, fever and sore throat to stay out of the hospital or clinic.  

When you arrive at the hospital or clinic, park your car and stay there. Call 553-3141 or 553-3143 for the ER, or 553-3121 for the clinic.  A nurse will go out to your car and assess your symptoms at that time.  We may take a swab looking for flu right there or you may be brought into the hospital.  If we swab you in your car, we will tell you to go home and await a call from us.

·      Not everyone will meet the strict criteria for screening for Covid-19

·      Wash your hands.  We cannot say it enough.

·      Practice “social distancing”.  Cut down on hugging and kissing everyone you see.

·      If you are sick, stay home

We will also be limiting the number of visitors to 2 at a time, per patient. No children under 12 will be allowed to visit but will of course be seen as patients as needed.

We take our responsibility to you very seriously.   Help us keep you and everyone else well.