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Easy ways to sit less

Did you know that people with sitting jobs have twice the ratio of cardiovascular disease as people with standing jobs? Interrupt sitting and lying as much as possible with these simple tips:

  • Stand rather than sit whenever you can
  • Stand when talking on the phone
  • Get up during TV commercials, march in place, walk around or do some stretches
  • Place your tablet or computer on a high counter or shelf so that you have to stand up to work on it
  • If you work in an office, use a trigger event to remind you to stand up, such as the phone ringing or receiving an email
  • Choose to stand while in a waiting room for an appointment
  • At work, walk to talk to a co-worker rather than emailing
  • Park farther away or get off the bus earlier to reduce sitting time
  • Drink more water during the day so you have to get up to go to the bathroom more often
  • Dedicate part of your lunch break to walking around
  • Stand or pace around rather than sit when watching kids’ games

If you have diabetes, the Queen’s Diabetes Management and Education Center at both Punchbowl and West Oahu campuses, can help. Their skilled staff provides individualized plans for meals, exercise and weight management, self-monitoring of glucose, and more. Ask your primary care provider to make a referral or call the Center and the staff will call your doctor for you. At West Oahu: 808-691-3370. At Punchbowl: 808-691-4823.