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New CT scanner

QNHCH is home to a new CT (Computed Tomography) scanner – a brand new Siemens Somatom Edge Plus 128 slice scanner. The new scanner replaces our 15-year-old Siemens Somatom Sensation 64 slice scanner.

“Slice” refers to the number of rows of detectors the scanner has. The more detectors, the bigger the volume coverage and faster the scanning times. A 128-slice CT scanner has more detectors, which means larger volume coverage and shorter scan times compared to a 64 slice scanner, in addition to incredibly detailed images within minutes.

The new Siemens Somatom Edge Plus 128 slice scanner lets our Imaging team scan virtually all patients with diagnostic confidence – including obese persons, children, and patients who have trouble staying perfectly still. The ability to obtain excellent image quality within seconds is particularly important for emergency cases. For more information about QNHCH imaging services, please call 808-881-4880.

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