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Runner stretching

New workout dos and don’ts

It’s always exciting to begin a new fitness program. But injuries can result, so it’s important to be smart and start slowly.

Rapid increase in duration, intensity, frequency or type of exercise is just one of the reasons injuries happen. Improper movement technique, unfamiliarity with proper use of equipment, and weak or imbalanced muscle groups are also to blame.

Overuse injuries include shin splints, Achilles tendinitis, tennis elbow, and shoulder tendinitis. Acute trauma injuries, which are when accidents happen and bone or joints break or tear, can happen when attempting skills above one’s training level.

When starting a new routine, go easy at first and then work up to more challenging workouts. Remember to warm-up and cool-down at each workout session, and vary workouts to reduce strain.

The Queen’s Center for Sports Medicine provides Functional Movement Screenings, which assesses one’s core strength, flexibility and balance—all good to know before starting any new exercise program. Contact them at 808-691-4449.