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Telehealth Video Visits

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A video visit is a scheduled appointment, connecting you with your Queen’s health care provider from a laptop, computer or smartphone. The easiest way join a video visit is through your Queen’s MyChart account. Most video visits are scheduled in advance directly with a Queen’s clinic.

How to Join a Video Visit

Be sure to listen to any special instructions from your clinic on when you should join your video visit. You can join a scheduled telehealth video visit yon your phone, tablet, laptop or computer. Joining a video visit from your MyChart account is easiest, but let your Care Team know if you prefer to receive a text or email link invitation! Check out the instructions below.

Joining a video visit through MyChart?

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Joining a video visit with a text/email invite?

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Pro Tips During Your Visit

  • Shut down other programs on your phone, tablet or computer to improve the quality of your video and audio

  • Consider using a headset to hear better, and make sure to speak clearly and slowly for your provider

  • Set your device’s camera at eye level to make it easy for your doctor to see and talk with you.

  • If you are joining a video visit with a friend or family member, make sure to talk one at a time

If you need assistance joining your video visit, please contact 1-800-368-8902

Sign Up and Access Your MyChart Account

With your Queen’s MyChart account, you can join a video visit, as well as access test results, request prescription refills, communicate with your provider, and pay your bills.

Preparing for a Video Visit

Preparation is the best way to ensure a smooth video visit experience. You don’t need to be a technical whiz to see your provider with a video visit, just make sure you have the following ready to go:

Joining a video visit from your Queen’s MyChart account is the easiest way to see your provider. If you don’t have an active MyChart account, get set up today!  

Pre Visit Checklist

Scheduled for a video visit?  Make sure to review the following checklist before your appointment:

  • I have access to a room or space that:
      • Is quiet, safe, private and distraction free
      • Has good lighting so my provider can see me clearly

  • I’ve written down the questions I want to ask my provider

  • I’ve let my care team know if I am using a new or different email or phone number

  • I’ve sent my care team any pictures or documents that I want to review during my appointment with MyChart messages

  • I’ve let my care team know if I need a language interpreter

  • I’ve let my care team know that I want a friend or family member to join me for the visit

  • I have an up to date list of my current medications

  • I have a paper and pen ready to take notes during my appointment

  • If needed, I can share my height and weight, and take my vitals such as my:
      • Temperature
      • Blood pressure
      • Oxygen level
      • Blood sugar

Learn More!

To learn more about what to expect from a telehealth visit, we invite you to watch an educational video from the Hawaii State Department of Health: