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The Queen’s Health System takes significant steps to support staff during COVID crisis

"Covid-19 Update" with blood cells floating around

HONOLULU – The Queen’s Health System (QHS) announced on March 27 in a letter sent to all 7,000 staff members working on campuses throughout Hawaii, the establishment of a Temporary Pay Program. This program is part of an overall strategy to support staff during the COVID-19 pandemic that the QHS Board of Trustees approved late Friday afternoon.

“Our caregivers are doing an amazing job caring for every patient and their ʻohana while simultaneously preparing for a potential surge of patients,” said Dr. Jill Hoggard Green, QHS President and CEO. “Even though they are incredibly resilient, we are keenly aware of the potential stress that can arise during these uncertain times.”

The Temporary Pay Program, one of many important interventions the QHS Leadership and Board have enacted, will run through April 28, 2020 and guarantees caregivers will be paid for their April scheduled hours. The program is designed to help keep employees financially whole during this crucial time as some may be temporarily reassigned to do critically needed work in other areas, some may have their work hours reduced, and some may even be asked to stay home to reduce the spread of the disease.

“We are so pleased that our Board recognizes our caregivers’ commitment and is supporting them so they can stay well physically, emotionally and financially in order to meet the needs of our patients and the community,” Dr. Hoggard Green said. “We want to continually show our appreciation to our caregivers, all of whom are displaying compassion and resourcefulness.”

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