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Maternity Services at Molokai General Hospital

Women’s Health Center
Molokai General Hospital

280 Home Olu Place, Kaunakakai, Hawaii 96748



Monday – Thursday, 8am – 4:30pm; Friday, 8am – noon

Maternity Services

The Women’s Health Center at Molokai General Hospital provides comprehensive Maternity Services, from preconception counseling to the birth of your child. Birthing babies with us is a special experience that is customized to our island culture and distinctly different in today’s obstetric community. Our Midwives are known to embrace a model of women’s health centered on family-friendly care and education. It is not uncommon that as many as 10 or 20 family members or loved ones are invited in the birthing room, including children, who are all present to honor and welcome a new little being to the family.

Our Certified Nurse Midwives have been instrumental in promoting and preserving the integrity of the Hawaiian culture by focusing on family-centered care and support through the patient’s ohana. These expert caregivers provide families on Molokai the capability of delivering their babies on their home island.

Through our continuity of care, high-risk pregnancies can be transferred to The Queen’s Medical Center on O‘ahu to ensure safety and the best care for the mother and baby. As our sister hospital, The Queen’s Medical Center can extend it’s surgical and anesthetic capabilities to our patients.

OB Ultrasounds

Dating Ultrasound: An ultrasound can be performed at less than 12 weeks of pregnancy, or from the time you begin prenatal care with the Women’s Health Center. During the ultrasound procedure, you will be asked to partially undress and a vaginal exam may be performed.

Your care provider will discuss all ultrasound results with you.

Preconception Counseling

The decision to conceive a child is an important, life-altering choice. It is important that you are prepared physically and emotionally for the changes that follow this decision. Preconception counseling is the ideal place to discuss any health concerns or questions you have about becoming pregnant. Pregnancy is the beginning of a wonderful time in your life. We’re here to make sure you have the healthiest start possible.

Preconception counseling allows you to discuss any changes you need to make prior to becoming pregnant. Possible changes include discontinuing your current method of birth control, achieving a healthy weight, proper nutrition and exercise, as well as learning what things to avoid during pregnancy such as cat litter, undercooked meat, etc. Preconception counseling also includes discussions on quitting smoking along with alcohol and drug use prior to and during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Planning and Fertility

If you are planning to become pregnant, you may want to request a preconception counseling appointment at the Women’s Health Center. Preconception counseling is the ideal place to discuss any health concerns or questions you have about becoming pregnant. A midwife can help you to maximize your fertility and educate you about healthy choices for you and your future child. If you are having difficulty becoming pregnant, we can discuss options for increasing your chances of becoming pregnant.

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care means taking care of yourself and your baby during pregnancy. Seeking prenatal care early and getting regular prenatal care throughout your pregnancy allows for early treatment, if necessary, to prevent issues during the term of pregnancy. Care providers can detect health problems in advance when expecting mothers are monitored regularly. We will ask to schedule regular visits during your pregnancy and each appointment is important to track your progress and oversee your care.