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Wound Care at Queen’s North Hawai‘i Community Hospital

Queen’s North Hawai‘i Community Hospital

65-1267 Kawaihae Rd. Kamuela HI 96743 (next to Longs Drugs)



Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Free parking available

Wound Care

Specialized wound care is offered to patients from throughout Hawaii Island by board-certified physicians. Patients are evaluated to determine any under­lying condition such as diabetes, malnutrition or poor circulation, that might inhibit the natural healing process. Our multidisciplinary team develops individualized treatment plans for each patient. These plans maximize healing using proven methods and advanced technologies, including cellular tissue products, compression therapy for edema management, negative pressure wound therapy for large or draining wounds, non-invasive vascular testing, and access to hyperbaric oxygen therapy at The Queen’s Medical Center’s Punchbowl campus for wounds that are especially difficult to heal.

We also educate patients, families and caregivers on how to provide wound care at home, as well as improve their overall health with proper nutrition and exercise.

Contact your primary care provider for a referral to QNHCH’s Wound Care Services, or contact QNHCH Wound Care Services at 808-881-4745 to learn more.

Our Services

Resources for Physicians

Thank you for choosing North Hawai‘i Community Hospital Wound Care Services for your patients’ needs. Call us at 808-881-4745 for any questions on referrals.

To best assist you, we offer:

  • Easy referral process
  • Timely appointment scheduling
  • Acceptance of all insurance types
  • Newly expanded facility
  • Access to hyperbaric therapy at The Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu

When to refer a patient

Any patient with comorbidities that may delay healing, those who have not improved 50% in two weeks, or 100% in one month should likely be referred to Wound Care Services. Our multidisciplinary team treats conditions including diabetic foot ulcers, neuropathic ulcers, venous ulcers, arterial ulcers, pressure ulcers, lower extremity cellulitis and edema, non-healing surgical wounds and osteoradionecrosis.

How to refer a patient:

  1. Complete our referral form. Download Form
  2. Provide a complete demographic sheet with insurance information
  3. Provide the latest progress notes with any relevant laboratory results
  4. Fax all documents to 808-881-4785
  5. Authorization will be obtained if applicable
  6. Once authorization is approved your, patient will be called to schedule a new appointment