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Mammography at The Queen’s Medical Center – West O‘ahu

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Imaging at The Queen’s Medical Center – West O‘ahu offers mammography, a safe, low dose x-ray of the inside of your breast, at a number of convenient locations across Oahu. A mammogram can assist in diagnosing lumps or other abnormalities found during a breast exam and can show changes too small to feel by touch. Queen’s also offers digital mammography in 2D and 3D (tomosynthesis), along with diagnostic breast ultrasound, stereotactic and ultrasound-guided biopsy.

We recommend women:

  • Have your first mammogram by age 40
  • Get an annual screening
  • Consult your doctor before age 40 If you’re at higher risk for breast cancer
  • Schedule your mammogram for the week after your period, when your breasts are less tender

You do not need a physician referral to schedule a mammogram. Call 808-691-3663 to schedule your mammogram today or fill out this convenient form to request an appointment.

Queen’s, in partnership with the Hawaii State Department of Health, participates in the Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program (BCCCP) and is committed to helping underserved women access regular screenings.

Preparing for Your Procedure

What to Expect During the Procedure

During the mammogram, your breasts will be gently flattened between two plastic plates, one at a time, to ensure that all breast tissue can be seen. You may feel some discomfort, but it lasts just a few moments.

The x-ray machine sends a tiny amount of radiation through your breast to create an image. Two or more views may be taken of each breast to provide a complete picture.

Your health care provider will discuss the test results with you.

Patient Restrictions for Mammography

Let the mammography technologist know if you have any of the following conditions, as these may affect test results:

Radiation Exposure from Mammography and Other Imaging Procedures

Read our brochure to learn more about exposure to ionizing radiation from imaging tests compared to naturally occurring background radiation.