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Pain & Palliative Care at The Queen’s Medical Center

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Pain and Palliative Care

The Pain and Palliative Care team at The Queen’s Medical Center serves patients admitted with acute or post-operative pain, as well as individuals and families that desire help with pain, symptoms, or stress related to a serious illness. We are also available to see outpatients with pain management or palliative care needs in The Queen’s Cancer Center.

Our Services

Pain Management

Our interdisciplinary team of physicians and advanced practice nurses uses its exceptional range of skills, training, and experience to develop individualized treatment plans to manage acute post-operative, post-traumatic, or cancer-related pain for patients admitted at The Queen’s Medical Center.

Palliative Care

The goal of palliative care is to provide the best possible quality of life for people experiencing pain, stress or other symptoms from a serious illness. As a team, we work collaboratively to support the care plan of primary care physicians and specialists and to facilitate the implementation of treatment and therapy aligned with an individual’s values and goals of care.

Our treatments are designed to relieve:

In addition, we offer:

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