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Emergency room patient Janis talking

“Queen’s gave me back my wife.” – Gary K.

When a loved one experiences a health emergency, every second counts to get help.

On Thanksgiving night, Gary was awoken by his wife, Janis, who told him that she wasn’t feeling well. She complained of a stomach ache and shortness of breath.

Sensing that her condition was serious, Gary and their son rushed Janis to The Queen’s Medical Center. During the car ride, her son held her hand and continued to talk to her, afraid that she would pass out.

Dr. Hessam Afshari treated Janis who, upon arrival to the Queen’s Emergency Department, was unconscious and showed signs of fluid in her lungs. Dr. Afshari and his team performed a procedure to help Janis breathe and stabilized her erratic blood pressure.

Today, Gary is thankful to have Janis back home. The couple resumed their normal routine that includes spending time together and daily workouts at the gym. “Everything is back to normal now, but I thought we lost her, so we are just thankful to Queen’s for bringing Jan back to us.”