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Cancer Patient Diane P. talking outside with foliage in the background

“Queen’s helped me through my cancer journey.” –Diane P.

“I think everyone who has a cancer diagnosis remembers the exact moment that they were diagnosed,” said Diane P. “For me, it was when I was on my way to pick up my youngest daughter from school.”

The news was life-changing. Diane wondered if she would still be there to see her three daughters grow up, graduate and get married.

Because Diane had a family history of breast cancer, she always made the time for monthly breast self-exams. As a result, she was able to find the lump early and wasted no time in contacting her doctor to get tested and take the next steps toward treatment.

The team at The Queen’s Medical Center provided expert care to Diane through her surgery and recovery. Routine activities that she once took for granted, like brushing her hair, were impossible after surgery because she couldn’t lift her arms. Thankfully, she was able to rely on the compassionate staff for help.

Today, Diane is cancer-free and attributes her good bill of health to early detection and her team of doctors, nurses and staff at Queen’s. Her life is back to normal and she appreciates every minute of it, from picking up her kids at school to being able to dance hula again. Diane believes that cancer changed her perspective. What she thought was once mundane is actually another day she now has.