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Heart patient Alisha S. talking while sitting in the grass on a hill

“Queen’s technology keeps my heart beating strong.” – Alisha S.

Advances in health care technology are changing people’s lives.

When Alisha began experiencing near-fainting episodes during her freshman year of college, it was recommended she seek specialty care at The Queen’s Medical Center, where she was diagnosed with a serious heart condition that put her at risk for sudden death.

Dr. David Singh and the team at Queen’s Heart worked with the newest technology, implanting a cardiac device that would protect Alisha from sudden death and return her to an active lifestyle.

Today, thanks to the cardiac device keeping her heart beating strong, Alisha is able to do all the activities a woman in her twenties should be able to do. “I just graduated from UH Manoa, so now I am using this time to go traveling with my sister in Southeast Asia. And I’m hoping that after that I can start a career.”