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General Neurology at The Queen’s Medical Center

Nervous system disorders can cause a wide variety of general symptoms. These symptoms include numbness and tingling, memory loss, balance issues, tremors, or neck and head pain. It can be challenging to figure out the cause of these symptoms, as they can be the result of any number of neurological disorders.

Many patients with these symptoms first see a general neurologist. The neurologists at the Neuroscience Institute have extensive experience in diagnosis, treatment, and care coordination. Patients may be referred for blood tests, imaging of the brain or spine, or specialized neurologic tests (such as electroencephalography or electromyography). Making an accurate diagnosis is an important step in providing the best available treatments.

We refer patients who need the expertise of other subspecialists to our colleagues in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery or to other departments in The Queen’s Health System. Our patients are connected to a vast network of resources. We take a personal, patient-centered, and comprehensive approach to care.

Our Providers and Team

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