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Joint & Spine Center at The Queen’s Medical Center

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Patient care at The Queen’s Medical Center’s Joint & Spine Center encompasses all aspects of orthopedic care, including post-operative care of total joint replacement for both knees and hips. With expert skill and experience with innovative joint replacement techniques, our team can help relieve joint pain and increase mobility.

For many with painful conditions of the hip and knee joints, living in pain has become an everyday occurrence. For arthritic joints or osteoarthritis, pain relief is available to improve your quality of life.

Total Joint Replacement Expertise

The Queen’s Medical Center’s Joint Center is the first in Hawaii to receive Advanced Certification for Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement awarded by The Joint Commission. The Joint Commission’s Certificate of Distinction recognizes that Queen’s is among the select hospitals achieving optimal outcomes for hip and knee joint replacement surgeries.

Advanced Certification for Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement

Total Hip Replacement for Improved Function

In some cases, painful arthritis in the hip joint makes walking difficult and you may experience increased pain with every step. Or, an accident or fall may cause a fracture or break in a hip joint. Our team is able to fully replace the diseased or fractured hip joint for improved function and reduced pain.

Total Knee Replacement to Increase Mobility

Painful arthritis or the simple wear and tear of your knee joints over time can create mobility or movement issues and can also be very painful, especially after extended walking or other activities. If you are experiencing this type of painful joint condition, our team at the Queen’s Medical Center’s Joint & Spine Center can help. Talk to one of our team members to learn how you can eliminate painful joints through total knee replacement.  

Improved Outcomes with Family-Centered Care and Patient Education

We help all patients on their journey back to wellness with a focus on the best quality of life. Care is patient and family-centered and culturally sensitive. Queen’s believes in a collaboration between the entire health care team, which includes the patient and family, and care is delivered with an emphasis on education.

The Queen’s Medical Center’s Joint & Spine Center offers classes to prepare patients for total hip/knee replacement surgery and spine surgeries. Knowing what to expect before surgery and understanding the importance of recovery improves outcomes and leads to improved long-term orthopedic wellness.

Pre-operative Education Classes are available by appointment at The Queen’s Medical Center – Punchbowl twice a week. To make an appointment, call 808-691-8800. For classes in West Oahu, call 808-691-3287.