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Neuroscience Research

Queen’s Role in Advancing Neuroscience Breakthroughs

The Queen’s Neuroscience Institute (NSI) delivers the highest-quality neurological care in Hawai‘i. Our scientists and researchers consistently make breakthroughs in clinical trials that revolutionize the practice of neurology.

Our commitment to innovation and scientific advances in the field of neuroscience is more than research for the sake of research. We want patients to benefit from our findings in the treatment of conditions such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and seizures, among much else. Our research priorities highlight our commitment to providing the best neurologic care for you and other patients across Hawai‘i.

Research at NSI provides the foundation for our advanced neurological treatments, as well as the education of physicians and staff.

We partner with national research hospitals and institutions in order to expand the quality of care we provide patients.

Since its inauguration, the NSI has participated in studies involving new devices to treat aneurysms and cool the body and brain. We have also undertaken more than 30 clinical trials to better understand how to treat strokes. Additionally, the NSI maintains a comprehensive stroke database to support our ongoing research into stroke care.

Clinical Trials from Queen’s Neuroscience Institute

The Queen’s Neuroscience Institute is currently participating in the clinical trials listed below.


Brain Oxygen Optimization in Severe TBI (BOOST 3), Phase 3


Recombinant factor VIIa (rFVIIa) for Hemorrhage Stroke Trial


Race / Ethnicity, Hypertension, and Prevention of VCID After Intracerebral Hemorrhage (REACH-ICH)


Influence of Cooling Duration on Efficacy in Cardiac Arrest Patients (ICECAP)


Anticoagulation in ICH Survivors (ASPIRE) for Stroke Prevention and Recovery


Ruptured Aneurysms Treated With Hydrogel Coils (RAGE)


Largest registry for stroke and aneurysm treatment (STAR)


Post-Market Surveillance Study to Evaluate the Long-Term Safety and Effectiveness of the WEB Device


MicroVention, Inc. Flow Re-Direction Endoluminal Device X (FRED™ X™) Post-Approval Study


REal-World Analyses of Stroke – Thrombus Occlusion Retrieval

Note: Some of the above trials may be inactive.

Leaders in Neurological Research

Along with the clinical trials mentioned above, Queen’s Neuroscience Institute has collaborated, participated, and led national and international research studies and clinical trials in traumatic brain injury, devices, imaging, spinal cord surgery and injury, and rehabilitation.

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