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Telehealth Program for Stroke, Epilepsy & Movement Disorder at The Queen’s Medical Center

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Telehealth allows our stroke experts to rapidly examine and treat patients who live in remote areas that lack neurological expertise.  NSI physicians provide emergency stroke consultations to hospitals across the state using telehealth technology to remotely see patients and advise health professionals at the site, extending expert stroke care beyond The Queen’s Medical Center.  Telehealth is also used to provide diagnoses and treatment for other neurological conditions, such as headaches, memory, movement, and balance disorders.

Epilepsy patients may also be seen for routine visits via telehealth, if appropriate, saving the time, expense, and effort of traveling to Queen’s from a neighbor island or other remote areas on Oahu.

Since 2001, the NSI has partnered with movement disorder experts at the University of Virginia to provide additional expertise to the people of Hawaii without requiring travel to the mainland.