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Success Story – Kayla Temple

Kayla Temple: Nonsurgical Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

Side-by-side images of Kayla Temple before and after loosing weight non-surgically.

For Kayla Temple, a Pearl City resident, it was time for a change. “I wasn’t happy,” said Kayla. “I was getting down on myself for letting my weight go up. I wanted to get healthier, and I didn’t like how I felt.”

That was in October of last year – 36 pounds ago. Kayla dropped the weight with the help of the Queen’s Comprehensive Weight Management Program (CWMP). She did the Quick 20, a physician-directed, partial meal replacement program, and saw results within the first couple of weeks. Her husband and co-workers noticed the change, and cheered her on. Another source of support was the CWMP staff. “Every time I had a question or concern, they were there to answer them,” said Kayla.

Was it easy? No. “Be prepared, it can be a struggle in the beginning,” advised Kayla. “There were temptations. I wanted the cookies and the eggnog. But I would have a protein shake or a chocolate pudding from Quick 20 instead, or I would leave the room. Then at my next weigh-in, I’d see my weight go down, and go ‘Holy cow, okay, I did it!’ That would get me through the week.”

After several weeks, Kayla noticed her body stopped craving junk food. She’d see a pizza, but no longer craved it. Her overall health improved, too. Her blood pressure and sugar levels are normal, and her knee pain is gone. She feels full of energy at work and at home. Her goal is to lose a total of 60 pounds.

One of the biggest changes was her outlook. “I was miserable before,” admitted Kayla. “I hated how I looked and wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. When you’re a certain size, you know all the stores you can’t go to because they don’t have your size. Now I can go to those stores and shopping is more fun. My wardrobe has changed. I experiment with different styles and colors. I try new things. Before, I would walk with my head looking down at my feet. Now I walk around with my head held high and a smile on my face. I’m super proud of myself.”