MD Anderson Cancer Network® Affiliation

World-Renowned Cancer Care in Hawaii

The Queen’s Medical Center is the first and only hospital in Hawaii to be certified by MD Anderson Cancer Network®, a program of MD Anderson Cancer Center, to bring world-renowned cancer expertise to patients in the state. This national access, matched with Queen’s established excellence in cancer care, elevates the level of cancer care for all of Hawaii.

This affiliation:

  • Gives Queen’s health professionals access to innovative treatment plans, best practices and evidence-based guidelines developed by the nation’s top hospital for cancer care
  • Enables complex cancer patients to be cared for by certified Queen’s physicians and be able to stay at home in Hawaii with the care teams they know, and the support of family and friends
  • Serves to further improve the likelihood of positive outcomes for our cancer patients
  • Enables patient cases to be reviewed by respected experts in individual fields, resulting in immediate feedback with valuable treatment advice (peer to peer consultations)
  • Allows Queen's certified physicians to request expedited referrals to The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas for extremely complex cases

To learn about being referred to a participating provider, call the Queen’s Cancer Center at 808-691-8777.